9. where i am going, where i have been.

It has certainly been a while, what with the holidays, various weekend trips, upheavals at work, SXSW, another trip to Big Bend (including a 9-mile hike!), some grilled cheese (my stomach cries from such a misstep), and the return of warm weather here in Austin. Fear not--I'm still writing hard and reading voraciously. Somehow, I've managed to keep up my 53 books in 2015 challenge. Somehow, I've managed to find time for writing and work and living a life outside myself.

I'm realizing more and more that there is always time to write if you want it badly enough. (I do. I want it badly enough.)

What's been going on, writing wise:

  • Submitted something somewhere. I'm afraid of jinxing myself if I say much more, so I won't.
  • Got a second short story accepted! Found out at the airport and squealed like a doofus. This one I wrote almost entirely by hand. It flowed out of me, and that's really the first time I can say that about anything I've written.
  • Took a trip to China, wrote loads and loads. Came back and transformed those travel writings into short vignettes for the first issue of Intersect.
  • Rewrote one of my older short stories. Gave it more love, more care. I think it's better. I think I'm better?
  • I read The God of Small Things and sobbed when it was over. Not just because of the story itself, but because the book was over. What a gorgeous piece of writing...
  • I've been meeting with an old classmate from my creative writing classes at UT every so often. We exchange our stories, talk about balancing writing with work and life, give each other advice and dreams. It's nice.
  • I'm starting a new project.

5. grrrlhoood the trip: day 1

Over the holidays, I took a trip (aptly called GRRRLHOOOD) to Big Bend and Marfa with three of my very good friends, Jennifer, Mala and Clare. We were inspired by two things, 1. This playlist and 2. Boyhood the movie. I took travel notes along the way as things happened, so this is all unedited and organic. I'll post each day in its own separate post. 

First went to HEB and Twin Liquors on 44th and Red River to grab bushels of chips and snacks and mixers. Also some hand lotion for our cracked hands. Travel size containers of shampoo.

12:30: Off we go! A wrong turn brought us to Whole Foods. I had a sweet potato bowl with quinoa, wilted kale, chicken and edamame. And red curry sauce. Scarfed and savaged.

Jamming in the car to Mariah. Me. I am Mariah...The Elusive Chanteuse. Group has spoke--our next day trip should be a brewery and BBQ.

At Rustlin Rob's in Fredericksburg. Sampled a million samples of jam, peppered jams, pickles, salsas, hot sauces, pecan honey peanut butter, all delivered to my mouth via tiny morsels of Triscuits.

4:30: On the road again. Great music selections include all of Mariah, Liz Phair and Britney Spears, obviously.

We'll be in Marfa by nightfall. It is outrageously cold outside.

Update: When I said cold, I should've been more clear: it was snowing! At first it was beautiful, and then it was terrifying. The snow was blasting the windshield, so much so that we could barely discern the lines in the road. Mala was driving and I don't know how she managed to pull it off. We were all terrified of the gas running out. It was snowing so hard! Somehow we made it to Alpine, and then I took over and drove us into Marfa. Can't believe we survived.

Arrived at the hotel around 10:30. Went in search of food and found grilled cheese. I ordered one with Brussels sprouts, onions and mozzarella. Devoured. Delicious. Decimated.


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